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Dromedary Camel

Scientific Name: Camelus dromedarius

Other Names: Arabian Camel.

Habitat and Range: Deserts and scrublands from Northern Africa to western India.

Captive Lifespan: Around 50 years.

Gestation: 15 months.

Diet: Herbivore- vegetation mostly bushes and shrubs which consist of 70% of their diet. They are capable of drinking 30 gallons of water in 10 minutes. They require 6-8 times more salt than other animals to aid in water absorption.

Adaptations: They have long eyelashes and flared nostrils that can plug themselves to keep out sand.

IUCN Status: Not listed.

Special Interest: They can fluctuate their body temperature from 93 F-107 F to prevent from sweating.

Did you Know: Their hump is actually a fat reserve and not water.

Here at the CMC Zoo: On January 4th, 2016 a new addition came to the zoo! Marty is a juvenile male dromedary camel that came from New York. He stays in the yard with the Llama and Alpaca until he is big enough to meet our resident camel, Carly.

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